Here are some of our Frequently Asked Questions:

As your lifestyle changes, so do your coverage needs. Regular reviews of your policy will ensure you have the coverage best-suited to your lifestyle.

If you own a vehicle in Ontario, you’re required by law to purchase coverage in case an accident occurs. At a minimum, you must carry third-party liability, accident benefits, direct compensation property damage and uninsured automobile. You have the option to increase limits and purchase additional accident benefit coverage to protect your lifestyle.

  • Third-Party Liability: Protects you when someone is injured or killed, or property is damaged. Pays defense costs to settle claims from any lawsuits against you, up to the set limit. Legally in Ontario, you must carry at least $200,000 in liability.
  • Uninsured Automobile: Protects you and your family if you’re injured or killed by a hit-and-run driver or an uninsured motorist; covers damage to your vehicle caused by identified, uninsured drivers.
  • Direct Compensation-Property Damage: If someone else is at fault for an accident, direct compensation covers damage to your vehicle, its contents, and equipment (stereo, speakers) including loss of use and contents
  • Accident Benefits: If you’ve been injured in an accident, regardless of who caused it, accident benefits cover expenses not covered by OHIP like rehabilitation, caregiving, and loss of income. See chart for changes/options.
ACCIDENT BENEFITS COVERAGE PRIOR TO JUNE 2016 AS OF JUNE 2016 OPTIONS Medical, Rehabilitation and Attendant Care Benefit Medical + Rehabilitation: Reimbursement for reasonable, necessary medical and rehabilitation expenses like physiotherapy not covered by OHIP or Group Insurance Plans. Attendant Care: Reimbursement for an attendant to look after you either at home or within a healthcare facility. Non-Catastrophic Injuries: Minor Injuries (sprains, whiplash) + Serious Injuries (broken bones). Catastrophic Injuries: Loss of a limb, para/quadraplegia. $50,000 for Medical and Rehabilitation (for Non-Catastrophic injuries) $36,000 for Attendant Care (for Non-Catastrophic Injuries) $1,000,000 for Medical and Rehabilitation (for Catastrophic Injuries) $1,000,000 for Attendant Care (for Catastrophic Injuries) $65,000 total for Medical, Rehabilitation and Attendant Care (for Non-Catastrophic Injuries) $1,000,000 total for Medical, Rehabilitation and Attendant Care (for Catastrophic Injuries) Increase Non-Catastrophic benefit to $130,000 total Add an additional $1,000,000 for a total of $2,000,000 for Catastrophic Injuries Increase combined all injury benefit to $1,000,000 and combined Catastrophic benefit total to $2,000,0002 Caregiver Benefit Reimbursement to hire someone to care for your dependants. Up to $250/week for first dependant, $50/week for additional dependants (Catastrophic Injuries only) No Change Extend benefit to cover all injuries (not just Catastrophic) Housekeeping and Home Maintenance Expenses Reimbursement for someone to carry out your household responsibilities. Up to $100/week (Catastrophic Injuries only) No Change Extend benefit to cover all injuries (not just Catastrophic) Income Replacement Benefit A weekly income up to $400; begins one week after the accident occurs. 70% of gross income up to $400/week No Change Increase to $600, $800 or $1,000/week Dependant Care Benefit Reimbursement for additional expenses to care for your dependants if you’re employed and injured from a car accident. Not Provided No Change Purchase up to $75/week for first dependant and $25/week for additional dependants (max $150/week) A lump sum payout to your spouse and dependant(s); a second lump sum payout to cover the cost of funeral expenses. $25,000 to spouse; $10,000 to each dependant Up to $6,000 for Funeral No Change Increase to $50,000 for spouse; $20,000 for each dependant Increase to $8,000 for funeral Indexation Benefit Adjustment of benefits to account for changes in inflation. Not Proided No Change Adjust annually according to the Consumer Price Index of Canada Tort Deductible The amount deducted for court awarded compensation for pain and suffering. $36,905.40 deductible (Jan 1 – Dec 31, 2016) No Change Reduce deductible by $10,000 regardless of annual indexation

1 Medical, Rehabilitation and Attendant Care Benefits for minor injuries are fixed at a max limit of $3,500.

2 If you purchase both the additional Medical, Rehabilitation and Attendant Care benefit for catastrophic injuries and for all injuries, the total eligible benefit amount for a catastrophic impairment would be $3,000,000.

Home & Auto Insurance
  • Automobile Insurance
  • Home Insurance
  • Condominium Package Insurance
  • Seasonal Residence Insurance
  • Tenants Package Insurance
  • Boat and Yacht Insurance
  • Motorhome Insurance
  • Motorcycle Insurance
  • Jewellery Insurance
  • Fine Arts Insurance
  • Fine Wine Insurance
  • Party Alcohol Liability

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Business Insurance
  • Automobile and Fleet Insurance
  • Boiler and Machinery, Production Equipment/Equipment Breakdown
  • Bonding, Surety and Fidelity/Performance and Construction
  • Builders Risk
  • Business Interruption/Loss of Revenue Coverage/Contingent Business Interruption
  • Copyright and Patent Infringement
  • Commercial Property Insurance
  • Credit Insurance
  • Crime Insurance including Employee Dishonesty
  • Cross Border Insurance
  • Directors and Officers Liability/Non-Profit and For Profit Risks
  • E-Commerce/Website Insurance
  • Employment Practices Liability
  • Environmental Impairment and Pollution Liability
  • Errors and Omissions Liability
  • General Liability/Products Liability/Contractual Liability
  • Hole in One Insurance
  • Liquor Liability/Party Alcohol Liability
  • Ocean/Marine Cargo/Transit
  • Product Recall
  • Professional Liability
  • Special Event Liability
  • Transportation Insurance
  • Umbrella/Excess Liability

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Group Home & Automobile Insurance
  • Group Home Insurance
  • Group Automobile Insurance
  • Group Seasonal Residence Insurance
  • Group Condominium Insurance
  • Group Tenants Package Insurance
  • Group Boat Insurance
  • Group Motorcycle Insurance

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Additional Insurance
  • Annual and Single Trip Travel Insurance
  • Visitors to Canada Hospital/Medical Insurance
  • Trip Cancellation Insurance
  • Trip Interruption Insurance
  • All Inclusive Holiday Package Insurance
  • Baggage, Personal Effects and Currency Insurance
  • Air Flight/Common Carrier/24-Hour Accident Insurance
  • Group Employee Benefits (Life, Health & Dental, AD&D, Disability)
  • Life Insurance
  • Critical Illness
  • Health & Dental
  • Disability and Key Person Insurance
  • Long Term Care

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Monarch Second Medical Opinion Coverage Monarch Intermediaries Inc. works with National Brokers Insurance to provide access to medical expertise from The WorldCare ConsortiumSM. Monarch connects individuals who are diagnosed with a serious illness and his or her treating physician with a Second Medical Opinion to confirm the right diagnosis and treatment options — all without leaving his or her own home, own doctor or present healthcare system. Medical records are sent electronically through secure means to a group of the top academic medical centers in the U.S.: Children’s Hospital Boston; Duke University Health System; Mayo Clinic; Partners Healthcare System (which includes Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Dana-Farber/Partners CancerCare, and Massachusetts General Hospital); and UCLA Healthcare. Together, these institutions represent over 25,000 physicians, acclaimed specialists and sub-specialists, and over $3-billion in annual biomedical research funding. The service is not an insurance policy and there is no pre-existing exclusion. Individuals, employers and insurers can access this as a group standalone product, or as an add-on to an existing commercial or personal insurance policy.

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Many say your insurance policy is only as good as the claims service you receive. Our goal is to work directly with the insurers for the best result for the policyholder. Our claims department employees can explain the coverages available and discuss the implications of claiming on such policies.

Clients may need advocacy, direction and understanding from their broker when reporting a claim. In all cases, especially in emergency situations we offer 24-hour claims reporting and can provide help to mitigate your potential loss.

  • To file a claim, please contact us immediately at 1-877-630-6285 or 905-597-3500.
  • For all McKesson pharmacy claims, contact 1-855-897-8509.
  • After hours, call our centralized claims number 1-866-226-0018 or you may call the insurer direct as shown in our listing below:
After Hours ClaimsABEX Canada1-888-643-2217AM Fredericks Underwriting Management Ltd.1-888-753-5727APRIL Canada1-855-745-1010Aviva Elite Insurance1-866-692-8482Aviva Insurance1-866-692-8482Aviva Ovation1-855-284-8211Aviva Traders General Insurance Company1-866-692-8482Beazley Group1-888-222-1123Bloom Insurance1-877-630-6285Cambrian Special Risk1-800-235-8784Canadian Resources Insurance1-877-896-0015CAN Insurance1-866-440-4131Cansure1-855-535-0554Ches Special Risk1-844-384-0867Chieftain Insurance1-800-268-5371Chieftain Insurance1-800-268-5371Chubb Insurance1-800-532-4822Chutter Underwriting Services1-800-658-8668Eagle Underwriting1-877-630-6285 OR claims@eagleunderwriting.comEconomical Insurance1-800-607-2424Group One Underwriters1-800-658-8668Hagerty Canada LLC1-888-348-8546Intact Insurance Company1-866-464-2424Intact Insurance Company (Specialty Lines)1-866-692-8482Jevco Insurance Company1-866-864-1112K&K Insurance Group Inc1- 800-237-2917Markel Canada1-877-243-2875Med Three Insurance Group1-877-630-6285 OR claims@medthreeinsurance.comNovex Insurance1-866-464-2424PAL insurance Brokers Ltd.1- 800-265-8098PharmaCover Insurance1-855-897-8509 OR mckesson@crawco.caPremier Group of Companies1-866-462-3650RSA Insurance1-800-319-9993South Western Group1-866-794-5463Special Risk Insurance Brokers1-877-630-6285Strategic Underwriting Managers Inc.1-877-630-6285Sutton Special Risk Insurance1-800-461-3292Totten Group Insurance1-877-896-0015The Boiler Insurance and Insurance Company of Canada1-844-216-7223The Guarantee Company of North America1- 866-464-2424Travelers Insurance1-800-268-5371Unica Insurance1-866-864-1113Victor Insurance1- 800-267-6684Western General Insurance1-800-607-2424

Should you be involved in an automobile accident, please contact us immediately at 1-877-630-6285 or 905-597-3500. After hours, please refer to the After Hours Claims numbers above.

What to do immediately after an accident occurs:

  • Report the accident to the police if injuries are involved and/or if vehicle damages exceed $1000
  • If possible, drive your vehicle to a safe location nearby to exchange information with others involved
  • If you cannot safely move your vehicle, contact a tow service to take your vehicle to a Collision Reporting Centre. If possible, walk to a safer location nearby to exchange information with others involved
  • Contact us as soon as possible after the accident
  • Refrain from authorizing any repairs until coverage can be confirmed
  • Do not admit fault for the accident, simply exchange information

Information you need to collect from individuals involved:

  • Names
  • Addresses
  • Telephone Numbers
  • Driver’s License Numbers
  • Insurance Company Names & Policy Numbers
  • Year, Make & Model of Vehicles
  • Information Obtained from Witnesses

You must report an accident to police if:

  • There is an injury or someone has been killed
  • There is damage to public or private property
  • At least one of the drivers appears under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • The accident involves a bicyclist or pedestrian
  • At least one of the drivers is unlicensed or uninsured
  • What about damage to vehicles:
  • If the total amount of damage estimated exceeds $2,000, you must to report the accident to the police. Note: depending on that situation, the police may not always attend the scene and you will need to visit your local collision reporting centre within 24 hours of the accident.
  • Remember to take pictures of the scene for use later or if you have a dashcam – save your video.
  • Add the content after and include If possible, drive your vehicle to a safe location nearby

Through a Group Home and Automobile Insurance Program, your business, association or organization can offer its employees or members discounts of up to 15%-40% off regular insurance rates – all at no additional financial or administrative cost to your organization.

Through a Commercial Insurance Group Program, your business, association or organization may be entitled to discounts simply due to the size of the group and spread of risk factors.

When you work with a broker, your needs take priority. Your broker will make every effort to ensure you receive the most extensive coverage possible for the price paid. Simply put, working with a broker allows you to purchase customized insurance that may be impossible to access on your own, or to comparison shop for the product that gives you the best possible coverage.

Agents or direct sellers are authorized to sell only the products of the insurance companies they work for, whereas independent brokers maintain relationships with several insurance companies. A broker will carefully assess your insurance needs, and then search for the product that best meets your requirements.

Our exceptional service and integrity has distinguished National Brokers Insurance and brought many referrals — our greatest compliment. Our customer service differentiates our business from the competition and encourages clients to choose our business over others. While we are fastidious in adherence to privacy laws and regulations, transparency is part of our office culture for both clients and employees.

We established an office of Client Advocacy to help customers through difficulties of any kind. For example, we help you understand the legalese of insurance or claims. We also have a team for each department to cover all scenarios. We want our clients to be empowered with knowledge of their coverage, and provide a collaborative review for new business and renewals alike. We take pride in caring for our customers. We value your referrals and our commitment to professionalism is our priority.