Your business, association or organization can offer its employees or members discounts of up to 15%-40% off regular insurance rates on many common protection products.

Your group’s numbers and sheer buying power can help drive the cost of personal insurance rates down. National Brokers Insurance, with your organization’s input, takes care of all aspects of structuring, promoting and managing your unique and fully-branded group program – at no cost to your organization.

Our team designs a plan that fits the unique needs of your group’s members and markets it to members as your branded program. Client information is kept strictly confidential at all times.

Cost-Saving Group Programs

We develop programs for groups of 100 to over 500,000 individuals – saving them significant after-tax premium dollars in the protection of their homes and vehicles. National Brokers Insurance has helped numerous organizations create programs for:

  • Group Automobile Insurance
  • Group Boat Insurance
  • Group Condominium Insurance
  • Group Home Insurance
  • Group Motorcycle Insurance
  • Group Seasonal Residence (Cottage) Insurance
  • Group Tenants Package Insurance

Contact us today to find out how we will structure, promote and manage your unique and fully-branded group program.